2016 WPB Master Plan Approved!

As 2016 comes to a close, we are excited to share the newly approved Wicker Park Bucktown SSA #33 2016 Master Plan.  The 2016 Master Plan, which was approved by Special Service Area #33 at their Board meeting held on December 21st 2016, is an update to the prior Master Plan adopted in 2009.


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Many thanks to the thousands of folks who participated in plan efforts. WPB cherishes its independence, range of views and free expression.  The diversity of residents, businesses, community groups, arts organizations and volunteer groups meant an extensive outreach process. Highlights include: 2,800 unique visitors to the website (www.wpbforward.org), 6,500 website page views, ten online Quick Polls that generated 4,000 responses, 4 public workshops, idea sharing tools both online and in-person, dozens of interviews, and an advisory committee representing a wide-variety of local organizations, businesses, and elected officials.

How will this plan be used? The 2016 Wicker Park Bucktown SSA #33 Master Plan serves as a guiding document for SSA #33 as well as a resource for community groups, developers, elected officials, and the City of Chicago. The plan builds upon on the 2009 Master Plan, outlining strategies, actions, and specific projects that were supported and refined by the community and process. It includes fundamentals as well as big picture ideas and urban space activation concepts.  The plan will be used for the next five to seven years, while keeping in mind a long term vision for the community.

To 2017 and beyond!