WPB Think-Tank Highlights

What a night! Thanks to everyone who took part and offered up additional insights, ideas and priorities at last Tuesday’s WPB Think Tank Event.  The August 9th event, which marked the second community workshop as part of the WPB Master Plan Update, served as a major checkpoint in the process of refining what potential projects should be considered and incorporated within the future Master Plan. The event was well attended and included coverage by and interviews with Univision. Special thanks to 2nd Ward Alderman Hopkins for attending and chatting with folks about the plan and joint efforts between the SSA and Ward. Scroll down to view photo highlights of the event.

Activity Stations | The event kicked-off at 6:30pm at the Wicker Park Field House and included a showcase of potential projects by topic art: arts and culture, guide development, safe, clean and green and transportation.  Everyone who attended was asked to place stickers on the projects they felt most passionate about. Check out where the green dots are in the photos below to get a sense of what projects were most desired.


Milwaukee Ave Street Design | A streetscape activity focused on Milwaukee Avenue allowed folks to experiment with the type of environment they would like to see on Milwaukee Avenue, while recognizing space limitations and trade-offs. Bike lanes, parking, landscaping, sidewalks, curb extensions, pedestrian amenities — when trying to accommodate all users, space constraints of the right-of-way become a balancing act.


Project List | To shine light on the process to date and role of the WPB Advisory Group, Think Tank goers were given a worksheet showcasing the full set list of projects that the WPB Advisory Group had worked through, discussed and refined at prior meetings in May and June of 2016. The WPB Advisory Group has steadily worked to propose new ideas, update projects from the 2009 Master Plan, and further identify actions to spearhead moving forward.

Online Meeting | Were you unable to attend the Think Tank Event? Never fear, technology is here.  Below is a series of photos and boards highlighting potential projects, let us know which ones you feel strongly about by submitting feedback here.  To view a printable list of potential projects, click here.


Milwaukee Avenue Streetscape Exercise

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“Change Clybourn Station to BUCKTOWN Station.”

“Hanging flowers baskets would be nice!”

“Create a liaison to map all possible buildings for hosting art and giving hosts benefits for supporting art initiatives.”

“Milwaukee Avenue is a historic district, don’t use trees to landscape it — it covers and hides the buildings.  Instead, get creative with hanging planters and lower shrubs, etc.”

“Rather than a WPB App, create a WiFi Network. Check out Digital Lobby and BigFunWiFi.com for examples — better way to wire in local businesses, integrate history, news (DNA Info), etc.; need to secure a sponsor.”

“Love the idea of partnering with local health care providers to further movement as medicine – this is a growing trend and there are definite opportunities to explore.”

“Keep the Pizza Hut at North and Western — it is a legitimate business.”

“TOD is overrated, where is my parking lot?”