What should become of the Cortland / Ashland Underpass?

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The Cortland / Ashland underpass in Wicker Park Bucktown serves as a major gateway into the neighborhood for a multitude of users — drivers, cyclists, pedestrians… and thousands of transit users daily via the Clybourn Metra Station and CTA buses. As part of the WPB Master Plan, we are exploring improving the underpass as a potential future project. What are your thoughts…How would you like to see this gateway node improved?

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Concept 1: Creative lighting and accent art



Concept 2: Interesting murals by local artists



Concept 3: Interesting accent lighting paired with murals (palm trees not included)



Concept 4: Festive lighting



Concept 5: Existing Underpass (keep as-is)


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Recent Comments:

Avoid murals or fancy lighting which can be a traffic distraction. The example with simple columnar colored lights would be attractive and might cut down on evening visitors.