1,500+ Responses! Poll results paint a picture worth looking at…

You said it: Wicker Park Bucktown is energized, family-friendly, and on the up and up… but then again, it’s also losing it’s grit.


Many perceive arts and culture as a real strength, while others (20%) worry that it’s fading. From understanding whether people live or work in the area to determining the major draws and destinations — to putting a finger on those keyword descriptors that capture what WPB really is, the “to-date” results of the 8 Question Quick Poll paint a picture worth looking at. Review the results below and tell us what’s missing.



  1. Do you live or work in Wicker Park Bucktown?

    Most of those who responded live in WPB (53%). About a quarter (26%) of respondents love it so much they live AND work here. And, at the moment, 11% of respondents just work here. (Maybe they are looking in the area…!)





  1. What is your perception of ‘Arts and Culture’ in Wicker Park Bucktown?

    Most feel the arts and culture scene is strong (40%) and are content with it as it is. About 1 in 4 folks (22%) think it’s great, but hidden (and feel things should be better publicized and more accessible!) And one in five (20%) are concerned that the art/culture scene is fading and not as strong as it used to be!




  1. What is your primary mode to get to work?

    The most common way to get to work is to drive (39%), although a good percentage of respondents take the CTA Blue Line (25%). Some bike to work (14% – awesome!) and, a few take the bus (9%). Is that only when it rains?




  1. How do you get to stores and restaurants in Wicker Park Bucktown?

    Most respondents walk (69%) or bike (13%) to WPB stores and restaurants. (Sounds like people drive to the grocery store, though! See number 8 below.) And 11% drive to the local shops and restaurants.


division_bike walking


  1. What adjectives would you use to describe WPB?

    One in four, or 26% of respondents would describe WPB as energized, while 15% say that WPB is losing its grit; 13% say this is a family friendly community; and 12% think Wicker Park Bucktown is on the up and up. What do you think?




  1. What makes WPB a desirable destination?

    Nearly half of respondents (44%) say WPB is great because it has so many places to eat and drink. They also like the outdoors! About 1 in 5 folks (18%) say WPB is desirable because of the awesome new 606 and other parks in the area; 12% like the shopping, and 11% like the streetscape and other outdoor amenities.




  1. What are your primary reasons for shopping in WPB?

    Nearly half, or 47% of respondents shop here due to proximity – they live and or work in the area. 26% say it’s the selection – they like the unique, niche goods and can find the quirky, cool stuff they are searching for. 11% shop here due to familiarity – it’s easy to get things done quickly and efficiently!




  1. What type of service do you leave the area for?

    Finally, sounds like respondents leave the neighborhood for groceries (27%), entertainment (18%), and home improvement (15%) and other everyday essentials/goods (11%).



Tell us what’s missing.