What’s your story? WPB workshop-goers dare to share…


“What make’s Wicker Park Bucktown unique?”

That was the first question posed to workshop-goers as they entered Monday night’s community event to kick-off the Wicker Park Bucktown (WPB) Master Plan Update. The meeting was held at the Bucktown Wicker Park Library and ran from 5:30-7:30pm.




A big blank slate of a mural was laid out on a table inviting folks to showcase their thought-bubbles and doodles.  The written responses shined light on what people love, like and want to see in WPB. In no particular order, below are some of the theme’s showcased:




More greenery + play space…

Trees — More green alley’s — permeaIMG_1291ble paving — turn alley’s into ped-zones — Jewel / Lowe’s Parking Lot redeveloped into a greenspace and multi-use —  Add street landscaping to major corridors / North Avenue


Celebrate local art, artists, cultural roots + architecture

More public art! Like Rotterdam has on buildings — More festivals and events — Bring art to North Ave, make buildings art canvases — Music + theater + education  —  Victorian Architecture — Stronger Polish culture / presence on Polonia Triangle — Need design guidelines for future development


Support local businesses — attract more!IMG_1292

Great locally owned boutiques — Need daytime employment — Creative incubators — Short and long term rental spaces


Bus Rapid Transit.. yes? no? maybe so…IMG_1300

Kill BRT on Ashland — Rapid Bus Transit +1 — Yes — Yes — Congestion is not a negative word. Slow traffic is good traffic — Tell that to the mom with the crying baby…



Take the New Quick Poll

What is your perception of arts and culture in WPB?


All workshop participants took part in a 4 question online quick poll and results were reported live. Questions ranged from perception of arts to the modes of transit used to get to, from and around WPB.






Following the quick poll and presentation of existing conditions, workshop participants ventured to 3 brainstorm stations to chat about the plan’s primary focus areas: Arts + Culture, Guide Development, and Transportation.

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