Advisory Group Kick-Off Meeting Highlights

BIG thanks to the 14+ Advisory Group members who could make it to our first meeting this past Wednesday, April 6th.  It was a morning filled with welcomes, introductions, ideas and discussion… not to mention Stan’s Donuts.


The Advisory Committee meeting on April 6th represented the kick-off to the Wicker Park Bucktown Master Plan Update, also referred to as WPB Forward (project website:  The meeting ran from 8am to 9:30am and included  a summary of the accomplishments of the 2009 Master Plan, a presentation by project consultants Teska Associates and Sam Schwartz Engineering, and two interactive visioning sessions.





Jessica Wobbekind, SSA #33 Program Manager kicked things off by explaining the purpose and duty of the SSA (Special Service Area), when it had been founded (2006), the accomplishments that stemmed from the 2009 Wicker Park Bucktown Master Plan, and why an update to such is needed.  For a detailed look at all of the topics covered please click here.


Scott Goldstein with Teska Associates introduced a visioning session to the group.  Each person was asked to provide one word that reflects (1) what Wicker Park Bucktown (WPB) was in 2009 (i.e. the date of the last master plan), (2) what is WPB today, and (3) what does WPB want to be in 2026.


Next Steps:

Residents are highly encouraged to use the mobile-friendly app site to opt into updates, post a picture, or comment, or take a quick poll.  Please let your networks know about the web site, and upcoming meetings.


The first community meeting will be at 5:30 P.M. on May 16 and Wicker Park Bucktown Library.